CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture Vol 8 Community from CoSM TV on Vimeo.

The family is our first community. Our personality and the way we get along with other individuals and communities begins and is conditioned by those early relationships. Experiences in a classroom, our neighborhood, a work environment, the state and country with which we identify, a spiritual community, and ultimately our sense of global and cosmic citizenship, are determined by communities that condition our perspective. Some communities have lasted thousands of years, some arise and dissolve in an hour. In today's atmosphere of intercontinental communication, we find new ways of relating. The social network is a prevailing meme. Awareness of world citizenship is increasing as we encounter the effects of circumstances and events far away. Globally empathic responses to catastrophes in Fukushima, Haiti and other disaster torn areas, point to a sense of responsibility and outreach by planetary friends.

Community is the ocean in which we swim. We are all products of associations that have shaped the development of our interactions, our ways of thinking and being. Evolution is inter-subjective, through communing we share our values and inner worldviews and discover better ways of being. Communities shaped by higher consciousness and conscience are vital keys to a sustainable relationship with the planetary lifeweb.

- Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

In the new 'Community' volume of CoSM journal we are featuring visionary community leaders like Rob Hopkins who created the Transition Town Movement and Mark Lakeman who founded City Repair and the Placemaking Movement. The journal will also explore visionary communities like Findhorn, Upaya Zen Center, The Hog Farm and the Phantasten Museum in Vienna.

Besides art from Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, we will explore works of San Francisco new visionary Mars-1, amazing Australian Adam Scott Miller and the Peruvian inspired art of David "Slocan" Hewson.

This journal provides a forum for the emergence of Visionary Culture and shares with its readers the work and stories of artists, thinkers and community builders who are dedicated to transformative living, and committed to the integration of wisdom and the arts. It is offered to inform, connect and inspire this evolving global awareness. 

Printing and design is made possible by a community of artists, poets, and actionaries coming together to sponsor spaces to share their work, collaborating to contribute the visionary content and finances needed to make this dream into a reality. CoSM journal is a visionary community media vehicle for sharing art and ideas with a global array of arts organizations, businesses, conscious people and communities across the planet.

We wanted to invite any of you who want to stand with us in this community media to consider sponsoring space in the cosmic gallery, or advertising your business in the back of the journal. Its a unique and creative way to be a more active part of what is happening here at CoSM as well as the growing visionary world network

The Cosmic Gallery within the journal is a special incentive for painters, digital artists, photographers and sculptors, offering a unique opportunity to sponsor space that will share your work with arts organizations, galleries, artists, collectors and conscious communities across the planet.

for submitting art to the cosmic gallery the rates are :

$150   small : h 3.5 x 2 inches (8.9 cm x 5.1 cm)
$250   medium : h 3.5 x 4.5 w inches (h 8.9 x11.4 cm)
$450   large : h 7.5 x w 4.5 inches (h 19.1 x 11.4 cm)
$800   cosmic : h 7.5 x w 9 inch (h 19.1 x 22.8 cm)

for general space sponsorships and advertisements the rates are :

$175  one-eighth page :  3"w x 2.5"h
$275 one-quarter page : 2.5"w x 4.25"h
$425 one half page :  5.5"w x 4.25"h
$775 one full page :  5.5"w x 8.5"h
$1300 full spread :  11"w x 8.5"h

It is also our intention to represent unique people, businesses, schools, galleries and organizations that contribute vision to the culture within the realms of art and education, music and dance, science and spirituality, sustainability and permaculture, poetry and performance, yoga, wellness, technology, and media. Here is an opportunity to have your work recognized in this historic new volume while supporting the mission of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors : Building an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim's creative path and embody the values of love and perennial wisdom.

The 2011 volume of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture has now been released in web format. It includes art and articles on the theme of Cosmic Creativity. Bridging the past to the present, one can find features on some of the famous Vienna visionary circle including Ernst Fuchs, Peter Gric, De Es Schwertberger and the amazing Amanda Sage. Also included are incredible global artists from other continents like Anderson Debernardi, Hanalisa Omer, Satoshi Sakamoto and Robert Beer. Other articles illustrated by cosmic art and astrophotography feature visionaries in different fields of exploration including spiritual thinkers Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen, art creator Jose Arguelles, new physicist Nassim Haramein, Mayan grandmother Flordemayo, Kundalini Dance teacher Leyolah Antara, Shipibo Maestras and Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa.

We dedicate the merit of this work to the conscious liberation of all beings.