If you know specifically which department you need to contact

Allyson Grey
Co-Founder & Director – Contact Allyson
Inquiries on sales of original art and personal communications to Alex & Allyson.

Eli Morgan
Creative Director, Alex & Allyson’s Travel Manager – Contact Eli
Alex & Allyson Grey are available for lectures, workshops, and live painting events.

Brian James
CoSM Property Manager & Chief Builder – Contact Brian
Construction & Building questions.

Jon Ohia
Program Director – Media / Events Manager – Contact Jon
Media-related questions, workshop proposals, interest in performing/presenting at an event.

Matt Dudin
Chief Financial Officer – Contact Matt
Inquiries relating to donations & operations

Emily Wilson
CoSM Store Manager – Contact Emily
Wholesale orders, questions about online orders and merchandise, inquiries about purchasing original artwork.

Maggie Keller
Guest Services – Contact Maggie
Weddings, baby blessings, & venue rentals.

Genevieve Wood
Hospitality Manager- Contact Genevieve – Genevieve@cosm.org
Overnight Stays & Accommodations

Caren Charles
Volunteer Coordinator – Contact Caren
Volunteering at CoSM.

Peter Squires
Shipping Manager – Contact Peter
Questions about shipped items.

Delvin Solkinson
Managing Editor, CoSM Journal – Contact Delvin
CoSM Journal space sponsorship and advertising inquiries.

For General Feedback and Inquiries

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