Full Moon Ceremony at CoSM in Wappingers Falls, NY

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Open Fri-Mon from noon to 6pm, Hours may vary on Event Days

What is CoSM?

CoSM offers spiritual refuge to many at events. including:
-- an unbroken chain of Full Moon Ceremonies for over eight years

-- Art Church, a Sunday afternoon monthly event offering art as a spiritual practice plus heartful presentations by spiritual/creative visionaries,

-- MAGI art and spirit workshops,

-- Celebrations of ecstatic music, dance and art on celestially auspicious occasions -- Equinox, Solstice, plus Halloween and New Years.

-- Illustrated talks and educational programs on sacred and creative topics, featuring artists, authors and visionaries from diverse disciplines.
You can be a part of sustaining and growing CoSM by:
-- Signing up for the mailing list, opening and reading the weekly newsletter,
-- Sending a prayer on the Full Moon that a the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors will be built on this land,
-- Receiving our prayer sent to you every Full Moon for your wish fulfilled,
-- Becoming a member and a stand for the future of CoSM,
-- Volunteering at CoSM -- volunteer@cosm.org
-- Participating in events and take MAGI art and spirit workshops
-- Gift CoSM with your contribution of money, professional services or material needs.

The Art

The heart of CoSM, the Sacred Mirrors, by Alex Grey, are a series of twenty-one artworks examining the body, mind and spirit in rich detail.   The Sacred Mirrors have been displayed throughout the world and the book Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey, translated into nine languages, has sold well over 100,000 copies. The CoSM permanent collection, renowned for integrating both scientific and spiritual truths, includes more than fifty works of painting and sculpture by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey and a growing collection of contemporary sacred art.

With your financial support, Entheon, a sanctuary of visionary art, will open in 2015 and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, now in the design and planning phase, is intended to begin building by 2020.

Paintings, sculpture and architectural details are created on and off site.  In a meadow, a magnificent 28-foot sculpture, “Altered State” by Kate Raudenbush,  offers a spiritual centerpiece for events and ceremonies.  Works of art by staff artists and volunteers include a labyrinth, a wisdom trail and a sun altar. CoSM  Campus in Wappingers Falls, NY

The Beginning

In 1986, Allyson and Alex Grey had a vision that the Sacred Mirrors, along with other works of visionary art, should be housed in a contemporary Chapel and made available to the public.  The Foundation for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Ltd. was formed in 1996 as a non-profit charity and began raising awareness and funds to open the Chapel.  In 2003, the Grey's began holding Full Moon prayer ceremonies in their Brooklyn home. What started as a circle of friends widened, and has become an ever-growing community. With this support, the first CoSM opened in New York City on the autumnal equinox of 2004. Monthly interfaith celebrations were held on the New and Full Moons. As a center for visionary culture, CoSM presented workshops and lectures by leaders in the fields of art, science, and religion. The Entheocentric Salons—featuring live painting, world famous DJs, VJs, and dance performances, were inspiring celebrations of all the creative arts. For nearly five years in the heart of New York's gallery district, CoSM was home to Alex Grey's collection of mystic art, his acclaimed Sacred Mirrors, and the MicroCoSM gallery featuring exhibits by diverse contemporary sacred artists. A bare loft had been transformed into sacred space; and a community was formed to build the Temple.

Chapel becomes a Church

Building an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim’s creative path and embody the values of love and integral wisdom is the mission of the Foundation for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Ltd., a non-profit organization since 1996.  The greatest sacred spaces have been created by the world's religious communities.  Offering spiritual teachings, practices, regular worship and sacramental ceremonies, the Foundation sought and received official recognition as a religion in 2008.

The Present

In February 2009, CoSM moved to its permanent home in the town of Wappinger, New York, 65 miles north of New York City. This 40-acre retreat is walking distance from the New Hamburg Metro-North station.  Directions are available online.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors offers full moon ceremonies, solstice and equinox celebrations, workshops and spiritual cultural offerings. Accomplished artists, musicians, dancers, authors, scientists and spiritual teachers share their talent and wisdom. An events calendar is available online.

The 10,000 square foot Guest House features a newly restored library with brilliant acoustics, lovely fireplaces, a commercial kitchen and dining hall, lodging and hospitality. There is also a gift shop and cafĂ©.  The grounds have towering trees, spectacular foliage, widsom trails, reflecting pools, and sculpture. Oversoul Visiting artists have blessed CoSM with labyrinths, gardens, and sculpture. Kate Raudenbush’s Altered State two-story domed sculpture graces the meadow, a perfect setting for weddings and commitment ceremonies. The exhibition of Alex Grey's Sacred Mirrors collection is in storage as the exhibition hall and grounds undergo massive renovations, with a planned opening date in Fall of 2015 or Spring of 2016.  Please help us with your generous contribution during this crucial phase.

Over the coming years, CoSM plans to develop a Temple complex with sculptural stations weaving a mythic narrative of humanity's new relationship with Nature and Cosmos.

Creativity is our spiritual practice. Please, co-create with us.